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Download Brochure   You can have braces with the budget of THB35,000 – THB40,000 (depending on the case), the procedure is not as complicated as you thought!


The dentist will analyze your teeth structure and conditions before deciding whether you can have braces or not.


After the dentist gives a green light, he will have your teeth x-rayed and pressed. At this stage, you will only pay THB2,500.


The dentist will arrange (a few) appointments for tooth scaling, tooth impaction and tooth filling. Some patients may be required to remove some teeth, including the wisdom or embedded teeth. In the process of oral clearance, the costs incurred may be varied. (10% discount upon showing the student ID).


The dentist will arrange appointments to attach the braces onto your teeth.


In one or two visits the dentist will attach the braces to the upper and lower teeth accordingly (The number of visits depends on the dental clearance, tooth condition and dentist’s plan) This process would cost THB3,500 each.


For the next three visits after installing the braces, it would cost THB3,500 each visit.


After that, you are required to meet with the dentist on a monthly basis in order to adjust the sling tied to the braces. This process would cost THB1,200 – THB1,500 per visit until fully paid.

Payment schedule breakdown.

The impression and X-ray photography THB2,500

Installation of upper and lower braces THB3,500 each
Device adjustment (next 3 visits) THB3,500 each
Device adjustment (next visit until fully paid) THB1,200 to THB1,500

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